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CD/DVD Replication or CD/DVD Duplication are the two ways you can get your CD or DVD copied.

What do these two processes involve? Replication means the disc will be pressed from a glass master and the artwork will be printed directly onto the disc surface just like any CD or DVD you find in retail stores.

Disc Duplication: Commonly referred to as “burning”, this is the process of copying the contents of one CD or DVD to another disc using a drive with write capabilities. This method is best for burn runs of less than 1,000 or so. Many companies burn their data using in-house towers, which consist of upto 21 target drives, a hard disk on which to maintain the original source files, and the software to control it all. Some towers even include robotic arms and disc magazines that can hold 25, 50 or 100 discs, so the whole burn operation can be unattended.

Which Method Should you use

cd replication and duplication Which method should you use? If you have enough time and the ordered quantity is 500 or more you should always use CD replication or DVD replication. The quality is much higher and the final result more professional.

The only time you would resort to CD duplication or DVD duplication is when your order is less than 500 or you need to rush the order. In that case you should use CD duplication or DVD duplication. will always ensure your duplicated CD's and DVD's are compared and verified for transfer and data accuracy

Please press the play button below to watch a video of the replication process..

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